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Habitability certificate

Engind's "Certificate of Habitability" service focuses on providing official validation of the habitability of a home in accordance with local laws and regulations in force. 

Services in the Habitability certificate

What do we take care of?


Habitability Inspection:

  • Evaluation of the structural conditions of the home.
  • Verification of compliance with fire safety regulations.
  • Inspection of sanitary and electrical installations to ensure their proper functioning.

Advice and Document Management


Certification and Issuance of ID:

  • Carrying out the final inspection to verify compliance with the requirements.
  • Issuance of the certificate of habitability once all deficiencies have been corrected.
  • Registration and delivery of the document to the owners for official use.

Habitability certificate and Engind. 

Engine plays a crucial role in the issuance of certificate of occupancy, an essential document that certifies that a home meets the minimum habitability requirements established by local authorities. This process, led by a multidisciplinary team that includes specialized architects and engineers, involves a thorough evaluation of various aspects of the home to ensure its suitability for occupation.

Engind's certificate of occupancy activity covers a wide range of criteria, including structural, health and safety aspects. Engind professionals carry out detailed inspections to verify compliance with regulations related to air quality, accessibility, natural lighting and other aspects fundamental to life in the home.

One of the key aspects of the certificate of habitability activity is its importance for the owners and occupants of the home.. This document provides the guarantee that the home meets the minimum quality and safety standards required by the authorities, which is essential to guarantee the well-being and comfort of those who live there.

Through a rigorous and professional approach, Engind is committed to issuing accurate and reliable certificates of occupancy. Their experience and technical knowledge ensure that each inspection is carried out to the highest level of detail and that each document issued accurately reflects the condition of the home in terms of habitability.

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