Renewable energy

Engind specializes in a wide range of services within the construction sector. From cost evaluation and conceptual design with BIM, to the execution and legalization of works, our offer includes the management of minor projects, demolition, and changes of use. We provide cost studies, follow-up and professional direction, final certificates and assistance in habitability.

automotive engineering

Basic photovoltaic plant project

Engind specializes in development of Basic Projects for Photovoltaic Plants, offering a comprehensive and meticulous approach to ensure the effectiveness and viability of these energy installations.

Engineering for Logistics

Photovoltaic plant executive project

We carry out exhaustive work cost studies, providing detailed and optimized valuations that ensure economic viability and financial efficiency of the photovoltaic plant.

Engineering for Packaging

Optional photovoltaic plant management

Engind offers Project Management for Photovoltaic Plants. We are in charge of supervising and coordinating each stage of the project, from planning to execution, guaranteeing its correct implementation.

What do the services include? plays of Engind?


Engind's construction services range from the beginning to the completion of construction, ensuring high quality and sustainable projects. Some examples of our services in this sector include:

      • Work cost study: We evaluate the costs in detail to optimize the project budget.
      • Conceptual and basic design with BIM: We use BIM technology to plan and visualize the project accurately from the initial phases.
      • Executive and administrative project with BIM: We develop complete documentation and manage the procedures necessary for execution.
      • Project management: We supervise the construction process ensuring that it adheres to established plans and standards.
      • Final work certification: We verify and certify that the construction complies with all specifications and regulations.