The Government approves the BIM Plan in public procurement to improve the efficiency of spending


June 27, 2023

He Government has approved the BIM (Building Information Modeling) Plan in public procurement as part of its strategy to improve spending efficiency in Spain. This measure aims to promote the use of digital technologies in the construction sector and promote collaboration between the different agents involved in the projects.

What is the BIM Plan?

The BIM Plan is a initiative who seeks the digitization and standardization of processes design, construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructures. It is based on the use of three-dimensional virtual models that contain all the relevant information of the project, from the plans and technical specifications to the costs and execution deadlines.

Benefits of the BIM Plan in public procurement

Improvement in spending efficiency

The use of the BIM Plan in public procurement allows better planning and management of projects, which translates into greater efficiency in the expenditure of public resources. Thanks to virtual models, it is possible to simulate different scenarios and optimize the design and construction of infrastructure, avoiding errors and delays that could generate additional costs.

Greater transparency and control

The BIM Plan also promotes the transparency and control in public procurement. By having detailed virtual models, the supervision and inspection of projects by the competent organizations is facilitated. In addition, communication between the different agents involved is improved, which reduces the possibility of misunderstandings and conflicts.

Drive for innovation and quality

Another benefit of the BIM Plan is that it encourages innovation and quality improvement in construction projects. By using advanced digital technologies, new possibilities are opened up in terms of design, materials and construction methods. This allows the creation of more sustainable, efficient and comfortable buildings for users.

Implementation of the BIM Plan

The implementation of the BIM Plan in public procurement will be carried out progressively. It is expected that in the coming years measures will be adopted to encourage its use in all publicly financed construction projects. This will involve training professionals in the sector, updating regulatory frameworks and investing in technological infrastructure.

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