BERNADET – Logistics Warehouse in Castellolí

Consulting, Due diligence, Management and supervision of works, Logistics, Facilities project, Reception and delivery of buildings, Engineering services, Processing of activity licenses

Engind is carrying out an engineering project for a logistics warehouse with 4,894.88 m2 and two floors, located in the Can Parera industrial estate, in the Anoia region, for Transports Bernadet, a company dedicated to the transport of goods

Engine It has been the company in charge of carrying out the facilities project, processing of licenses, management and supervision of works, consultancy, reception, delivery of buildings and due diligence. This means that Engind is responsible for design and plan the installation of the different infrastructures and services necessary in the warehouse, to process the necessary licenses to carry out the construction, to supervise the construction and ensure that quality standards are met, to provide technical advice at all times, to receive and hand over the building upon completion, and to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the building upon completion.

This is a major project involving multiple aspects of engineering and construction

Therefore, it is essential to have a company like Engind that has experience and specialized knowledge in these areas.

Indeed, Engind is having a very broad responsibility in the engineering project of the logistics warehouse in Can Parera. By being in charge of the planning, design and supervision of all stages of the project, from obtaining the necessary licenses to the final delivery of the building, they have ensured that the necessary requirements and regulations are met to guarantee the safety, quality and efficiency of the ship.

In addition, since it is a logistics warehouse, it is very important to have a well-designed and functional infrastructure to guarantee the fluidity of logistics processes, optimizing the distribution of merchandise and minimizing time and costs. Therefore, the work of Engind is being essential to ensure that the ship meets these objectives and can be used effectively for its purpose.

In summary, the task of Engind is integral and of great relevance to carry out a project of this magnitude, and allows the construction of a modern, functional and efficient logistics warehouse in the Can Parera industrial estate.


IP Can Parera

Castellolí (Anoia)


9,787 m²


4,894.88 m²


In construction