Regulatory compliance with Activity Licenses 2024: An Imperative for Companies in Barcelona


He regulatory compliance of activity licenses It is more crucial than ever, especially in the city of Barcelona and the Penedès region. Following recent incidents, such as the tragic collapse of a terrace at the Medusa Beach Club in Palma that was operating without the proper licences, the need to secure all permits and regulations has taken on a new level of urgency. This event highlights the vital importance of maintaining operations within legal limits to ensure public safety and avoid severe legal repercussions.

At Engind we specialize in comprehensive advice and management for obtaining and renewing activity licenses, ensuring that companies not only begin their operations legally, but also that theycontinue to comply with current regulations. Our team, comprised of qualified architects and engineers, conducts detailed project assessments to identify all the necessary permits according to regulations local, regional and national.

Our guarantee regarding regulatory compliance with Activity Licenses

We offer a complete service that includes the preparation and presentation of all the necessary technical documentation. From detailed plans to environmental impact studies and risk assessments, Engind covers all aspects to facilitate a smooth approval process. In addition, we maintain constant communication with the competent authorities, which allows for smooth and efficient processing of licenses and minimizes the chances of delays or problems during inspections.

In Barcelona, the processing of activity licenses may vary depending on the type of business and location. For example, the procedures for an urban subdivision license or for the modification of the horizontal property regime are specific and require particular documentation and an approval process. At Engind we assist in all these processes, ensuring that each step fits the urban planning applicable to urban planning laws. In addition, we offer consulting on less known but equally important procedures, such as obtaining the certificate of license unnecessary for certain changes to existing properties.

For companies looking to establish or renew their facilities in Barcelona, it is essential to have a reliable ally like Engind. Our experience and knowledge in the field of regulatory compliance of activity licenses They provide the assurance that your company will operate within the law, avoiding risks and contributing to a safe and stable business environment. 

In addition to ensuring legal compliance, working with Engind to secure activity licenses as well provides companies with a competitive advantage by highlighting its commitment to legality and social responsibility. In a market increasingly aware of the importance of business ethics, companies that demonstrate rigorous adherence to regulations not only strengthen their reputation, but also attract customers and partners who value safety and sustainability.

Regulatory compliance with Activity Licenses

The recent approval of the modification of the annexes to the Municipal Activities Ordinance and the comprehensive intervention of the Barcelona Environmental Administration (OMAIIAA) underlines the dynamic evolution of the legal requirements that affect local companies. At Engind we remain at the forefront of these changes, providing our clients updates and adaptations necessary in your processes and documentation to ensure a smooth transition and compliance with new regulations.

Finally, it is important for companies to understand that the licensing process is not a mere administrative procedure, but an integral part of the business planning and execution responsible and sustainable. We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate this process with a proactive and preventive strategy, which not only addresses current requirements but also prepares companies for future developments and possible regulatory changes.

Contact us today through our form or call us +34 938 92 38 02 to begin the path towards full and responsible compliance, and for more information on how we can help you every step of the process.

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