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Engineering for Logistics

Logistics engineering is one of the most vital and complex sectors of the modern economy that faces constant changes due to global consumption and production trends, as well as constant technological progress. In this sense, at Engind we offer our experience and knowledge to provide advice. and guidance to companies that need it. 

Services in the Logistics sector

What do we take care of?


Construction design and planning:

  • Consultancy and advice
  • initial inspections
  • New installation
  • Installation Expansion
  • installation reform

Legalization of an existing installation


Project management:

  • Processing of permits and work licenses 
  • Advice for safety and risk prevention
  • Truck Trip Study

Design and Construction:

  • Warehouse optimization for loading unloading systems
  • Design and installation of electrical systems
  • air conditioning and ventilation
  • Refrigeration and preservation system
  • acoustics and insulation
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Work supervision

Engineering for Logistics and Engind. 

The intersection between logistics and engineering is found in the development and optimization of processes, systems and technologies to efficiently manage the flow of products, information and resources throughout the supply chain. 

At Engind we distinguish ourselves by our profound understanding of the logistics sector and the focus on counseling. Our commitment is to support companies throughout the process of obtaining permits and licenses for the execution of the project. 

Are experts studying the routes of the trucks so that they have good turning angles, we have the possibility of carrying out performance studies made to measure. What the warehouse is like is studied and measures are adopted in the activity to generate a lot of savings for the client. We also offer solutions for warehouse optimization, the automation of loading and unloading systems, The best of the transport efficiency and much more.

Embark on the exciting journey of logistics engineering and discover how we can help you overcome challenges, reduce costs and deliver exceptional results for your clients. 


Engineering for Logistics
Types of companies in the sector with which we have worked
  • Warehouse design and optimization
  • Automation of logistics processes
  • Implementation of inventory management systems
  • Planning and design of transport routes
  • Design of efficient packaging and packaging
  • Integration of tracking and monitoring technologies
  • Simulation and modeling of logistics processes
  • Analysis and optimization of logistics costs
  • Consulting on logistics standards and regulations
  • Implementation of IoT and Big Data solutions in logistics
  • Training and technical support in logistics software and tools
  • Development and implementation of quality control systems
  • Environmental impact studies and sustainability in logistics
  • Design and implementation of security systems in logistics
  • Management and optimization of the supply chain (Supply Chain)
engineering for logistics
Engineering for Logistics
engineering for logistics
engineering for logistics
Engineering for Logistics

Why count on Engind for your logistics project?

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Engind have years of experience in the field of industrial engineering, which means they have in-depth knowledge and a wide range of skills in this field.

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technical excellence

Engind strives to maintain a high level of technical excellence in all of its projects, ensuring that the latest technologies and methods are used to achieve the best results.

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Customer satisfaction

Engind aims to ensure customer satisfaction, which means they will work with you to understand your needs and make sure your projects are completed on time and on budget.