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due diligence

We offer the exhaustive evaluation of a project's technical and legal information to determine its feasibility, regulatory compliance, and safety. This process is crucial to ensure that projects are carried out effectively and without risks to people and the environment.

process steps

In general, our due diligence process focuses on the project evaluation in detail, using our experience to offer recommendations for improvement and necessary adjustments.

Initial phase

During the initial phase Due diligence, we collect all relevant information about the project, including technical and legal documentation. In this phase, Engind evaluates the technical feasibility of the project, as well as its regulatory compliance and possible environmental implications.

second phase

In the second stage, we focus on review processes and operations, This involves a more detailed evaluation of the project, including site inspection and review of construction plans and technical requirements. In this phase, we evaluate the risks and technical challenges associated with the project, and provide recommendations for necessary improvements and adjustments.

closing phase

Finally, in the closing stage, we provide a Detailed report which summarizes our findings and recommendations. This report is essential to make informed and strategic decisions about the project, and to ensure that risks are minimized and its effectiveness is maximized.

Why rely on Engind for the processing of activity licences?

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Engind have years of experience in the field of industrial engineering, which means they have in-depth knowledge and a wide range of skills in this field.

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technical excellence

Engind strives to maintain a high level of technical excellence in all of its projects, ensuring that the latest technologies and methods are used to achieve the best results.

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Customer satisfaction

Engind aims to ensure customer satisfaction, which means they will work with you to understand your needs and make sure your projects are completed on time and on budget.

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