Mas Alba – Industrial estate

Consulting, Due diligence, Management and supervision of works, Facilities project, Reception and delivery of buildings, Engineering services, Processing of activity licenses

Engind leads the Mas Alba project, an industrial estate dedicated to commerce. The plot has a surface area of 1500 m2 where the construction of 41 grouped industrial warehouses is planned. Each one of 300m2: 200 m2 on the ground floor and 100 m2 on the first floor. Some of them with terraces and all with sea views.

Engind is responsible for both the development of the industrial estate land and the construction of the 41 industrial buildings.

Here is a breakdown of the services that Engind will provide in this project:

  1. Engineering project: This involves the planning and design of the technical aspects of the construction, such as the structure of the buildings, drainage systems, paving, etc.
  2. Facilities project: here the necessary service facilities for the ships are planned and designed, such as electricity, water, gas, etc.
  3. Licensing: Engind will be in charge of managing and obtaining all the necessary licenses and permits for the construction of the project.
  4. Works management and supervision: Engind will direct and supervise the progress of the works, making sure that deadlines and quality specifications are met.
  5. Consulting: They will provide expert advice on any matter related to the project, from planning to completion.
  6. Reception and delivery of buildings: once the warehouses are built, Engind will take care of the reception and delivery of the buildings to the owners.
  7. Due diligence: This involves a thorough and detailed evaluation of all aspects of the project to ensure that legal and regulatory requirements are met.

This project could be of interest to those looking to invest in an industrial property in Sitges, especially if they are interested in a location with sea views.


P.I Mas Alba

Sitges (Barcelona)


1500 m2


300 m2 x Warehouse


In progress