Gerosa cellography

Consulting, Management and supervision of works, Paper industry, Installation project, Reception and delivery of buildings, Engineering services, Processing of activity licenses

Engind has carried out the Cellografía Gerosa engineering project, an industrial building located in the “Sant Pere Molanta” Industrial Estate in Olèrdola (Barcelona). This project is part of the building permit and is in accordance with current urban regulations, sectoral legislation and the specific requirements of the property.

The building, promoted by Cellografía Gerosa, SA, is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of flexible, printed and unprinted materials, mainly made up of aluminum, paper, cardboard, plastic film and other materials suitable for packing and packaging.

With a total area of the plot of 11,808.05 m² built and a floor occupancy of 8,243.98 m², the building is designed to house industrial activities, including storage areas and offices.

A topographical survey of the plot has been carried out, which reveals an area of 21,434.62 m².



Pi Sant Pere Molanta


11,808.05 m²


8,243.98 m²


18 months