Sectors with which we work and have worked for the manufacture of industrial buildings, licences, consultancy...

automotive engineering


At Engind we are the leading automotive engineering, we are a integral solution for the construction of industrial buildings for the automotive section with a lot of power.

Engineering for Logistics


Logistics engineering is one of the most vital and complex sectors of the modern economy that faces constant changes due to global trends in consumption and production

Engineering for Packaging


In Packaging Engineering we distinguish ourselves by our counseling-focused approach and we support companies throughout the process of obtaining work permits and environmental licenses.

Engineering services

Paper industry

Engineering for the paper industry represents a vital facet of the Global economy, its operation and success require a specialized approach adapted to its particular needs, especially in the field of engineering and sustainability

Engineering for the Food Industry

Engineering for the Food Industry

Engind, known for its engineering excellence for the Food Industry, becomes that crucial partner that provides strategic advice, facilitating navigation through the complex regulatory and bureaucratic framework of this sector.

Engineering for the Textile Industry

Textile industry

At Engind we master the demands and challenges of engineering in the textile industry, our main objective is to guide companies through the complicated process of Obtaining work permits and environmental licenses.

Engineering for the Chemical Industry

Chemical industry

Engind is the Engineering for the Chemical Industry of excellence, our main objective is to facilitate the process of obtaining building permits and environmental licences.

office engineering


At Engind we are dedicated to offering layout services, we are experts in Engineering for offices and we can advise and accompany your construction projects, facilities and environmental licenses for offices.

engineering for restoration


Engind is positioned as the best engineering for restoration, we specialize in advising on the construction and remodeling of premises commercial, including restaurants, and we offer a wide range of services to help companies create the restaurant of their dreams.

pharmaceutical engineering


In the Pharmaceutical Engineering sector, Engind is involved in the design of clean rooms, climate projects and powerful ventilation, we are knowledgeable experts in all phases of the project for its subsequent construction.

Engineering for research centers

Engineering for Research Centers

We are here to help you turn the idea into a reality with our service of Engineering for Research Centers and continue promoting scientific and technological development of our society.

Engineering for waste managers

Waste Managers

Waste managers are a group that receives a lot of attention at an environmental level and to those who apply stricter regulations. In this sector our outstanding engineering provides a valuable support and advice so that the waste managers can open the activity and so that they can keep it open...

What do industrial engineering services include?


Engind's industrial engineering services include a variety of activities and techniques used to improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of a company's production processes. Some examples of our industrial engineering services include:

  • Process design and optimization– Industrial engineers work to develop and implement processes that are more efficient and safer, which can increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • Time and motion analysis: Industrial engineers use techniques to measure and analyze the time it takes to perform a specific task, with the goal of improving the efficiency of the process.
  • Risk and security analysis: Industrial engineers can analyze risks and safety in production processes, and develop strategies to minimize those risks.
  • Process automation: Industrial engineers can develop and implement automated systems to improve the efficiency and accuracy of production processes.
  • quality management: Industrial engineers can help companies implement and maintain quality management systems to ensure that products meet required quality standards.