DOGA PARTS – Construction of logistics warehouse

Logistics, Reception and delivery of buildings, Engineering services

He logistics warehouse construction project in the Polígono de Can Parera de Castellolí (Anoia) for the company DOGA PARTS was carried out by the industrial engineering construction company, Engind. The objective of the project was build a logistics ship with a constructed area of 5,100 m2 on a 9,787 m2 plot, which would include a 1-floor office module and parking spaces in the outdoor area. The delivery of the project was established within a period of 9 months from the start of construction.

To carry out this project, Engind developed a detailed plan that included the following steps:

  1. Land preparation: Before beginning the construction of the ship, the preparation of the ground was carried out. This included leveling the ground and carrying out the necessary excavations and fills to adapt the land to the needs of the project.
  2. foundation: Once the ground was prepared, we proceeded to the foundation of the ship. Piles were used to ensure the stability of the structure and a reinforced concrete slab was built as a base for the nave.
  3. Metallic structure: Once the foundation was finished, the metal structure of the warehouse was built. Columns, beams and trusses were installed, following the design and planning of the project.
  4. Cover and enclosures: Next, we proceeded to the installation of the roof and the enclosures of the ship. Galvanized steel sheet was used for the roof and sandwich panels for the enclosures. This made it possible to guarantee the impermeability and thermal insulation of the ship.
  5. Electrical and plumbing installations: Once the structure and enclosures of the warehouse were finished, we proceeded to install the electrical and plumbing installations. Electrical networks, lighting systems, ventilation systems and air conditioning systems, among others, were installed.
  6. Office and parking module: In addition to the warehouse, a 1-floor office module was built and parking spaces were set up in the outdoor area. Materials and designs similar to those used in the nave were used to ensure the aesthetic coherence of the entire project.
  7. Finishes and final details: Finally, we proceeded to carry out the final finishes and details in the warehouse, office module and car parks. The walls were painted and decorative and signage elements were installed.

The project was completed in a 9 month term from the start of construction, thus meeting the established deadlines. The logistics warehouse built by Engind is a solid and functional structure that meets the quality and safety standards required for its use.


Tech Ave 4

Castellolí (Anoia)


9787 m2


5100 m2