Town planning

Sectors we work with: Urban planning, infrastructure planning and development, license management, comprehensive consulting services...

automotive engineering

Plot grouping project

Integral management for the unification of plots, including planning, processing of licenses and legal advice for optimize the use and value of the land.

Engineering for Logistics

Urbanization project

At Engind, we design and provide key infrastructure to transform land into buildable spaces, following strict urbanization policies.

Engineering for Packaging

Segregation project

Our team at Engind is in charge of the division of large properties on independent plots, maximizing their functionality and worth of market.

Engineering services

Reparcelling project

From Engind, we facilitate the realignment of plots to improve the space planning, aligning ourselves with current urban policies.

Engineering for the Food Industry

Specific partial plan modification

Engind intervenes in the update of urban plans, implementing precise modifications that respond to the needs of development.

Engineering for the Textile Industry

Urbanistic planning

Creation of detailed plans for the use and development of urban land, promoting sustainable growth and a better quality of life

What do the services include? town planning of Engind?


Engind's urban planning services cover a wide range of activities and techniques focused on the planning and sustainable development of the urban environment. Some examples of our services in this sector include:

    • Urban design and planning: Our urban planning experts develop master plans and detailed designs to promote orderly and sustainable urban growth, which can increase quality of life and reduce negative environmental impacts.
    • Land use analysis: We conduct studies to determine the best use of urban land, maximizing its potential while complying with zoning and planning regulations.
    • Environmental and urban impact assessment: We analyze the possible impacts of development projects on the urban and natural environment, developing strategies to mitigate them.
    • Permit and license management: We navigate the complex system of urban regulations to obtain the necessary licenses for construction and development projects.
    • Urban regeneration consulting: We offer expert advice to revitalize urban areas, improving their infrastructure, public spaces and social cohesion.