Structural calculation

Sectors we work with: Structural Calculation, carrying out structural analysis reports, structural calculation projects, overload studies and structural solidity certificates to guarantee safety and efficiency in the construction and maintenance of infrastructure.

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Structural analysis report

We manage and evaluate structural integrity, determining load capacity and proposing solutions to maintain the safety and functionality of buildings.

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Structure calculation project

At Engind we design and prepare detailed structural calculations for construction projects, ensuring resistance, stability and compliance with current regulations.

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Overload study

The overload study analyzes how existing structures can support loads higher than usual, considering factors such as temporary additional weight or modifications in use.

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Structural solidity certificate

The Structural Solidity Certificate is an official document that certifies the safety and firmness of a construction, verifying that it complies with all current technical and construction regulations.

What do Engind structural calculation services include?

Engind's structural calculation services cover a wide range of activities and techniques focused on the analysis and design of structures to ensure their stability and safety. Some examples of our services in this sector include:

  • Design and structural analysis: Our structural calculation experts develop detailed designs and perform analyzes to guarantee the resistance and stability of structures under various loads and forces.
  • Evaluation of materials and construction techniques: We carry out studies to determine the most suitable materials and optimal construction techniques for each project, considering factors such as resistance, durability and costs.
  • Structural modeling and simulation: We use advanced modeling and simulation tools to predict the behavior of structures under different loading conditions and seismic situations, allowing us to optimize their design and performance.
  • Structural inspection and diagnosis: We carry out detailed inspections to evaluate the condition of existing structures, identify possible damage or deterioration, and propose repair or reinforcement solutions.
  • Advice on regulations and building codes: We provide expert advice on applicable construction regulations and codes, ensuring that projects meet established safety and quality standards.
  • Consulting in rehabilitation and structural reinforcement: We offer specialized advice for the rehabilitation and reinforcement of existing structures, prolonging their useful life and improving their capacity to resist extreme loads and events.