Fire protection

Engind's "Fire Fighting" service focuses on the evaluation, design and implementation of systems and measures to prevent and mitigate fire risks in buildings and built environments.

automotive engineering

Firefighting project Firefighters

Design and planning of firefighting measures in accordance with local regulations and fire department specifications.

Engineering for Logistics

City Hall Fire Fighting Project

Preparation of fire protection plans and systems to comply with municipal regulations and guarantee public safety.

Engineering for Packaging

Non-Significant Fire Modification Project

Adaptation of fire protection systems for minor modifications to buildings without significantly altering their structure or function.

Engineering services

Significant Fire Modification Project

Design and review of fire protection measures for important changes in buildings, guaranteeing safety and regulatory compliance.

Engineering for the Food Industry

RIPCI Periodic Fire Fighting Project

Preparation of fire safety projects in accordance with the Fire Protection Facilities Regulation (RIPCI) for periodic inspections.

Engineering for the Textile Industry

RSCIEI Periodic Fire Fighting Project

Development of fire safety plans in accordance with the Fire Safety Regulations in Industrial Establishments (RSCIEI) for regular inspections.

Engineering services

Monitoring fire measures

Continuous supervision and evaluation of the operation and maintenance of the fire fighting measures implemented to guarantee their effectiveness and regulatory compliance.

Engineering for the Food Industry

Exceptional project fire measures (Project)

Design of alternative and exceptional solutions in cases where standard fire protection measures are not applicable, complying with safety performance requirements.

What do the services include? plays of Engind?


Engind's construction services range from the beginning to the completion of construction, ensuring high quality and sustainable projects. Some examples of our services in this sector include:

      • Work cost study: We evaluate the costs in detail to optimize the project budget.
      • Conceptual and basic design with BIM: We use BIM technology to plan and visualize the project accurately from the initial phases.
      • Executive and administrative project with BIM: We develop complete documentation and manage the procedures necessary for execution.
      • Project management: We supervise the construction process ensuring that it adheres to established plans and standards.
      • Final work certification: We verify and certify that the construction complies with all specifications and regulations.