Engind specializes in a wide range of services within the construction sector. From cost evaluation and conceptual design with BIM, to the execution and legalization of works, our offer includes project management major works and minors, demolition, and changes of use. We provide cost studies, follow-up and professional direction, final certificates and assistance in habitability.

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Work cost study

Provides detailed and optimized assessments for guarantee the economic viability and efficiency financing of construction projects.

Engineering for Logistics

Conceptual design of works/BIM

We fuse creativity and technical precision to visualize innovative and efficient architectural projects from their genesis.

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Basic project works/BIM

It establishes solid technical and regulatory bases to guarantee the success and viability of the construction.

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Administrative executive project works/BIM

It integrates document management and BIM techniques for the efficient execution and approval of projects.

Engineering for the Food Industry

Executive project works/BIM

Combination of advanced BIM methodologies for accurate planning and effective management from design to construction.

Engineering for the Textile Industry

Demolition project

Engind specializes in demolition projects, ensuring a controlled and safe demolition, with meticulous plans that comply with current regulations.

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Project legalization of works

Engind facilitates the works legalization project, ensuring regulatory compliance and regularization of constructions for official recognition.

Engineering for the Food Industry

Minor Works Project

Engind manages minor works projects, providing fast and efficient solutions for improvements and reforms, ensuring quality and regulatory compliance.

Engineering for the Textile Industry

Prior communication of works

Engind simplifies the prior communication of works, expediting the start of projects with clear and efficient procedures, guaranteeing speed in execution and legal compliance.

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Engind performs precise measurements for projects, using advanced technology to guarantee accuracy in planning and execution, ensuring optimal results and compliance with specifications.

Engineering for the Food Industry

Project management

Engind offers project management to supervise and coordinate the correct execution of works, ensuring compliance with established quality, time and budget.

Engineering for the Textile Industry

Final certificate of work

Engind issues the final work certificate, confirming that the construction has been completed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications, ensuring its legality and quality.

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UTM coordinates certificate

Engind provides UTM coordinate certificates, vital to accurately identify the geographical location of projects, ensuring accuracy in plans and legal documentation.

Engineering for the Food Industry

Asbuilt BIM

Engind elaborates Asbuilt BIM documentation, updating construction models to reflect changes during the work, guaranteeing accuracy between the executed project and the original plan.

Engineering for the Textile Industry

New construction certificate

Engind facilitates the new construction certificate, essential to certify the completion and compliance of new constructions with applicable standards and regulations.

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Habitability certificate

Engind processes the certificate of occupancy, certifying that a home meets the minimum conditions of habitability and use, essential for the legal occupation of the property.

Engineering for the Food Industry

Point cloud / BIM

Engind integrates point clouds and BIM to capture the physical reality of projects and transfer it to precise digital models, optimizing the design and execution of works.

Engineering for the Textile Industry

Project for provisional works

Engind develops projects for provisional works, facilitating temporary or emergency solutions, ensuring compliance and effectiveness in execution.

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Change of use project

Engind manages change of use projects, ensuring the adaptation of spaces to new functionalities with efficiency, rigorously complying with the applicable urban planning regulations.

What do the services include? plays of Engind?


Engind's construction services range from the beginning to the completion of construction, ensuring high quality and sustainable projects. Some examples of our services in this sector include:

      • Work cost study: We evaluate the costs in detail to optimize the project budget.
      • Conceptual and basic design with BIM: We use BIM technology to plan and visualize the project accurately from the initial phases.
      • Executive and administrative project with BIM: We develop complete documentation and manage the procedures necessary for execution.
      • Project management: We supervise the construction process ensuring that it adheres to established plans and standards.
      • Final work certification: We verify and certify that the construction complies with all specifications and regulations.