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UTM coordinates certificate

Engind's "UTM Coordinate Certificate" service represents an essential component in cartography and geospatial planning. By accurately determining UTM coordinates using advanced technology, Engind provides reliable and accurate geospatial information that serves as a critical foundation for a variety of applications, from land delineation to infrastructure management.

Services in the UTM coordinates certificate

What do we take care of?


Georeferencing of Plots and Land:

  • Assignment of UTM coordinates to parcels and lands for their unique and precise identification.
  • Georeferencing of parcel boundaries and points of interest on the land.
  • Generation of georeferenced plans for use in legal procedures, cadastre and territorial management.

Creation of Digital Terrain Models (DTM)


Generation of Maps and Digital Cartography:

  • Preparation of thematic maps using UTM coordinates as a cartographic base.
  • Integration of geospatial data, such as points of interest and administrative boundaries, into digital maps.
  • Production of customized cartography for specific applications, such as urban planning, environmental management or impact studies.

UTM coordinates certificate and Engind. 

Engine, a leading company in the field of engineering and architecture, plays a fundamental role in the issuance of UTM coordinate certificates. This service involves the precise determination of the UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) coordinates of a certain point on the Earth's surface. With a multidisciplinary team that includes architects and geospatial engineers, Engind is committed to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of each certificate issued.

The issuance of UTM coordinate certificates by Engind involves a meticulous process of geospatial measurement and analysis. Engind professionals use cutting-edge technology, such as GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers, to obtain accurate latitude, longitude and altitude measurements, which are then converted to UTM coordinates. This process is essential in a variety of applications, from mapping to urban planning and infrastructure management.

In addition to the precise determination of UTM coordinates, Engind offers complementary services, such as the georeferencing of plots, the creation of digital terrain models (DTM) and the generation of topographic maps. These additional services allow clients to take full advantage of geospatial information for their projects and strategic decisions.

Through a precision-oriented approach and technological innovation, Engind positions itself as a reliable partner for the issuance of UTM coordinate certificates.. Its commitment to excellence and quality ensures that clients have accurate and reliable geospatial information, critical to the success of their projects in an increasingly data- and location-oriented world.

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