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Economic feasibility report

The “Urban Feasibility Reports” service offered by Engind focuses on providing clients with a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the feasibility of projects in terms of regulatory compliance and urban planning.

Types Economic feasibility report

what we take care of


Investment cost analysis


Study of potential income

  • Analysis of projected income derived from the project, such as sales, rents or service fees.
  • Evaluation of market prices and demand to determine the viability of expected income.

Analysis of operating and maintenance costs


Financial risk assessment

Engind's "Economic Feasibility Report" service represents a crucial component in the engineering and construction project evaluation and planning process. Through an exhaustive analysis of economic, financial and commercial factors, Our experts offer an accurate assessment of the financial viability of each project. This involves studying in detail the investment costs, possible income and operating expenses, as well as the associated risks.

Our team of professionals, made up of highly qualified architects and engineers, is responsible for collecting and analyzing the relevant data to prepare the economic viability report. We use advanced financial tools and models to evaluate different scenarios and calculate key profitability and return on investment indicators. This rigorous approach allows us to provide our clients with a clear and objective view of the financial viability of their project.

In addition to assessing the economic viability of the project itself, our reporting service can also include strategic recommendations to optimize profitability and mitigate identified risks. These recommendations can range from adjustments in design and planning to identifying alternative sources of financing or optimizing available resources. Our goal is to provide our clients with the information and advice they need to make informed decisions and maximize the success of their projects.

Infrastructure construction

We are in charge of supervising and controlling all types of constructions. Our goal is to ensure that projects are developed in accordance with established quality, safety and efficiency standards.

Development of residential and commercial projects

We work closely with real estate developers and builders to oversee the development of residential and commercial projects.

Our team ensures that all legal and technical requirements are met, and that projects are delivered within established deadlines and budgets.

Renewable energy

In the field of renewable energies, we provide project monitoring services for solar, wind, hydroelectric and biomass energy projects. We oversee the construction of renewable energy plants, ensuring efficiency and sustainability standards are met.

Industrial projects

We work with companies in the industrial sector to supervise the construction of production plants, factories, logistics centers and other industrial projects. Our focus is on ensuring process efficiency, workplace safety and compliance with environmental regulations.

Public infrastructure projects

We collaborate with public entities to supervise the construction of infrastructure projects such as hospitals, schools, sports facilities and community centers.

Our goal is to ensure that these projects meet the requirements and needs of the community, while ensuring quality and sustainability.

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project monitoring
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Why count on Engind for your Economic feasibility report?

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Engind have years of experience in the field of industrial engineering, which means they have in-depth knowledge and a wide range of skills in this field.

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technical excellence

Engind strives to maintain a high level of technical excellence in all of its projects, ensuring that the latest technologies and methods are used to achieve the best results.

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Customer satisfaction

Engind aims to ensure customer satisfaction, which means they will work with you to understand your needs and make sure your projects are completed on time and on budget.

With Engind you will have access to…

Engind is a leading MEP BIM solutions company, dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality services in project design, coordination and management. Our team of engineering experts is ready to tackle your challenges, ensuring maximum efficiency and an unmatched return on investment.

Our engineers specialized in MEP BIM work with the most advanced technology to design efficient and sustainable systems, optimizing the use of resources and reducing costs.

Engind takes care of the coordination between the different teams and disciplines, ensuring smooth communication and conflict resolution before construction.

Our focus on BIM allows us to monitor and control every aspect of your project, from the design stage to completion, reducing risk and ensuring delivery on time and on budget.