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Engine develops the measurement status, an essential document in engineering projects. Engineers and architects collaborate to define work units, establish budgets and control variables. This tool ensures meticulous planning, accurate evaluation and informed decision making for project success. We are committed to providing comprehensive and high-quality solutions for our clients.

Services in State of measurements

What do we take care of?


Measuring Equipment Calibration Service:

  • Calibration of temperature instruments.
  • Calibration of pressure instruments.
  • Calibration of flow instruments.
  • Calibration of weight and mass instruments.

Measurement Data Analysis Service


Installation and Maintenance Service of Measuring Equipment:

  • Installation of temperature sensors.
  • Maintenance of level meters.
  • Installation and calibration of flow meters.
  • Preventive maintenance of gas measurement systems.

    Measurement status and Engind. 

    In Engine, both engineers and architects collaborate closely to develop the Measurement status, a fundamental document in any engineering project. This document, which is part of the basic project documents, aims to define and determine the units of each item or work units that make up the final product. In this way, all the necessary measures in each work unit are detailed in a precise and localized manner, guaranteeing meticulous planning from the beginning.

    Our professionals are in charge of defining the work units, establishing the units of measurement for each component of the project, whether they are characteristics, models, types or dimensions of each item of work or elements of the project object. This detailed specification serves as a basis for the preparation of the technical budget, allowing an accurate estimate of the costs associated with each unit of work.

    Furthermore, the Measurement status provides a solid foundation for project control and evaluation. It allows you to evaluate and control the different variables and magnitudes that intervene in the process, which is essential for making informed decisions and optimizing the ongoing project. Accurate and reliable data obtained through measurements is essential to ensure project quality and success.

    In summary, the Measurement status Prepared by our engineers and architects, it is an essential tool for the planning, execution and monitoring of engineering projects. It provides the necessary basis for calculating costs, allocating resources and ensuring the quality of work performed.

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    Engind have years of experience in the field of industrial engineering, which means they have in-depth knowledge and a wide range of skills in this field.

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    technical excellence

    Engind strives to maintain a high level of technical excellence in all of its projects, ensuring that the latest technologies and methods are used to achieve the best results.

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    Engind aims to ensure customer satisfaction, which means they will work with you to understand your needs and make sure your projects are completed on time and on budget.